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iRest Massage Back Cushion

iREST      SKU:SL-D170

Upper Body, Abdominal, Thigh, Calf & Foot Massage

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Massage Cushion with 2 rows of kneading massage head for the negative rotation kneading massage. With hyperthermia function. Each pair massage head are composed of a big head and a samll head. The big massage head have hyperthermia features, is the source of light heat. The temperaure can beraised to 45° C. The smalll head have therapy features. Available for the upper body massage, abdominal massage, thigh massage, calf massage, foot massage.

SL-D170 Mini Massagers
  • Brand: iRest
  • Feature 1: With hyperthermia function.
  • Feature 2: Upper Body, Abdominal, Thigh, Calf & Foot Massage
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