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LG Hi-Fi Entertainment System with Bluetooth

LG      SKU:OM4560

Multi Disc Playback, Expandable Sound Options, Voice Canceller

Auto DJ:
You can put your party on Auto DJ and let the system take over while you enjoy yourself.

Karaoke Star:
Turn almost any track into a Karaoke track by removing the vocals at the push of a button. You can even change the song's key to match your own.

Auto Music Play:
A system is smart that knows when you enter the room, It can sense your mobile devices and let you send audio directly to your system with ease.

Multi Disc Playback:
Still enjoy playing compact discs? This LG mini shelf system features a CD player so you can spin your favorites as well as the discs your friends bring over.

Multi Connectivity:
Multi Connectivity Option gives you freedom to connect almost any music device that has a headphone output. Simply plug in and easily enjoy your music Whether it may be standard 3.5mm mini-jack or RCA JACK or Mic or through USB.


• Brand: LG
• Model: OM4560
• FM Band
• Bluetooth
• 1-CD Tray
• Auxiliary Input

OM4560 Hi-Fi Systems
  • Brand: LG
  • USB: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Auxiliary Input: Yes
  • Band: FM Band
  • # of CD's: 1-CD Tray