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Orca Portable Multifunction Rechargeable Speaker System

ORCA      SKU:BGA780

50W PMPO, 10" Woofer x 1, Bluetooth Stereo Audio

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Orca 50W Multifunction Rechargeable Trolly Speaker system with rich sound. 1 x  wireless mic include. FM Radio with out-installed antenna. USB  SD:  Mp3 control Display and play control. Microphone: WIRELESS MICRO. PHONEInstrument: 1/4"  jack for guitar. keyboard, other instruments. EQUALIZATION:TREBLE,BASS. RCA line level input for CD player. MP3 player, or other audio device. Built-in rechargeable battery.

BGA780 Hi-Fi Systems
  • Brand: Orca
  • Output Power: 50 watts
  • Feature: Equlization:TREBLE, BASS
  • Feature 1: RCA line level input for CD player
  • Feature 2: Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Feature 3: FM Radio with out-installed antenna
  • Feature 4: PHONEInstrument: 1/4" jack for guitar
  • Feature 5: USB SD: Mp3 control Display and play control