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Beurer Foot Massager


60 watt , 3 Functions, Spray Guard

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Beurer Foot Massager with 3 functions: Water heating, vibration massage and bubble massage. Approx. 60 W power. Soothing foot spa. With massage attachment. Massage-supporting footbed. Spray guard. Draining outlet. Antislip rubber feet. The product is equipped with a revitalising bubble massage. The product allows you to pamper yourself with a gentle vibration massage.

FB12 Foot Messagers
  • Brand: Emjoi
  • Functions: 3
  • Power: 60 w
  • Feature: Spray guard
  • Feature 1: Draining outlet
  • Feature 2: Soothing foot spa
  • Feature 3: Antislip rubber feet
  • Feature 4: With massage attachment
  • Feature 5: Massage-supporting footbed