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Casio G-Shock GRAVITY MASTER Series Watch-GW-A1100FC-1ADR


Body / Ring Material: Resin, Resin Bracelet, Triple G Resist, Sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating, Water resistant up to 200 m

Introducing a new GRAVITYMASTER variation with TRIPLE G RESIST construction that withstands strong impacts, vibrations and gravitational forces along with Smart Access that simplify its operation. This is also the first GRAVITYMASTER model to include a digital compass, thanks to the development of a steering sensor surprisingly 95% smaller than its predecessors. The pointer indicating the steering is made of carbon fiber, the first in the G-SHOCK watch line.
The MULTIBAND 6 allows you to choose between six time calibration signals worldwide. But the time can also be adjusted manually in areas where, for some reason, the signal can not be received. Other features include a Tough Solar power system, sapphire crystal glass with antireflective coating and large buttons with non-slip surface for easy operation. All this and a dial layout designed for easy reading makes this model the perfect choice for aviators and anyone else who needs quick access to information on the go. 
• Large design display • Large 
electronic crown 

GW-A1100FC-1ADR Men