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Samsung 350 Litres No Frost Refrigerator with Display

SAMSUNG      SKU:RR35H61107F

350 LItre Capacity, 12.3 Cubic Feet

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Circulate cool air everywhere:
Multi Flow ensures that every item on every shelf and in every box remains evenly chilled. Strategically placed vents circulate cool air everywhere inside the fridge and the freezer to maintain an even and constant temperature that helps foods stay fresh longer. Meanwhile, the built-in Deodorizer eliminates strong odors such as last night’s spicy chili.

Control your settings with cool sophistication:
Mirroring the sleekness of the doors, two blue LED displays add a touch of sophistication while putting a wealth of controls at your fingertips. Change temperature settings or turn on Power Cool to quickly chill recently bought items. You can also save energy with the Vacation and Eco functions. There’s even a Child Lock feature to keep inquisitive children from changing your settings.

A fresher way to store fruits and vegetables:
While some fruits may be mistaken for vegetables, and vice versa, the Moisture Control Big Box understands that the two food groups have different moisture needs. Set the optimal humidity level for your peas or pears and keep them fresh longer  simply by opening or closing the control bar. The box is also spacious enough to hold everything from honeydew melons to large zucchini.

RR35H61107F Single Door Refrigerators
  • Brand: Samsung
  • litres: 350 L
  • Capacity: 12.3 Cu. Ft.
  • Feature 1: 2 Big Box
  • Feature 2: Flip-up Shelf
  • Feature 3: Twist Ice-Maker
  • Feature 4: As flexible as it is stylish
  • Feature 5: Deep Door & Soft Frost Door Guard